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Mountain biking in Omiš

Mountain biking in Omiš

Omiš is located on the coast of Croatia, surrounded by steep hills with the river Cetina flowing between them. Nature varies greatly from place to place and so do the MTB trails. Riding in Omiš might make you feel like you've visited plenty of different places in one day.

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Trail building

Trail building

Over the course of the years, Coast Riders trail building crew reshaped raw nature and old trails into mountain bike specific trails, that'll ensure plenty of fun for all mountain bikers. You can bomb loose turns and berms, hit jumps and drops ranging from small to big ones, or commit into gnarly rocky lines. We shape easy beginner trails to learn and practice, but we also build and maintain challenging downhill and enduro tracks that provide rad time for experienced riders.

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Coast Riders events are recognised by riders, organisers and other supporters from around the globe. We organise easy recreational races, pro races, good times dig'n'shred sessions, free mountain bike courses for beginners, etc. We just love to spend so much time with the rest of the MTB community!

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